Name = “Cobra” Age = 30
Food_of_Choice = “Rum”
Special_Attack = “Cigar”
Favorite_Game = “Star Craft: Brood War”

“By day I’m a Systems Development Engineer but by night I am the “ + Name + “!\n I have a bachelor’s degree in
Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Satellite Engineering. I love space and space games such as Kerbal Space Program and Star Citizen. My work has me busy doing system design for improvements to software processes. It’s mostly just capturing design requirements and dependencies, and then prototyping solutions. When I’m not busy with work I like to consume ” + Food_of_Choice + “, while enjoying a “ + Special_Attack + “ and playing some video games! I play all types of PC games and a select few console games. I have the most fun when performing in game Science! With the Totally Legit Science team. When not gaming I like to grill up some Spicy Bacon Chicken burgers. These amazing pieces of culinary art were invented by Jammer and myself over a decade ago and have been a staple in the TLS team’s diet since then. Our current estimates have determined that each Spicy Bacon Chicken burger can potentially shorten your lifespan by 6 hours.”