Nickname: Fapeon

Blood Type: Blue Blood A+

Weapon of Choice: DS3: So far the Dragonslayer Greataxe is amazing, but the Witches Locks is growing on me on my battle mage.

Favorite Game: Dark Souls 3, League of Legends and hopefully Legion helps out WoW Jimmy’s are Rustled when: Dark Souls 3, People blaming (people have bad games), uhhhhhhh I guess we’ll find out more next time on Totally Legit Science!!

Jimmies Rustled Limit Breaker: When people say they had a "Bad Game"....

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Play video games, watch movies, take long romantic strolls in the snow, rustle Jimmys, and…. Stuff, yeah… stuff So… Hi, I’m Fapeon =] it’s nice of you to meet me! I’m happy to be apart of Totally Legit Science and can’t wait to put smiles on all of your faces as we laugh together in jolly cooperation =D!!!