Proud O'MyBeef

Nickname: Proudomybeef

Blood Type: A Neg

Weapon of Choice: The Sun Crusher (never do anything small)

Favorite Game: It’s a toss up between Saints Row 2 and Resident Evil 4

Jimmies Rustled Limit Breaker: And the Memelord said unto his followers, “Behold the field in which Beef grows his Rustleable Jimmies. Lay thine eyes on it and see that is is barren.” – The Book of the Internet Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am the hero that the internet neither deserves nor asked for. Honed in the fires of mundane military nonsense, my humor is darker than Batman’s underwear. I am currently a cybersecurity/EMS student and a full-time provider of sarcasm and humor for those around me whether they think they need it or not. Besides videogames, I like to lift weights, play paintball, scuba dive, and play guitar. I believe most things in life are only worth doing if you have fun doing it, so if I can entertain those around me as much as I entertain myself, mission accomplished. I’m also really reeeeeaaaallllly good at breaking game engines.