Nickname: Salamishaker

Blood Type: O-

Weapon of Choice: TK

Favorite Game: Fallout series Special

Jimmies Rustled Limit Breaker: Shakes salami’s while bellowing his people’s battle cry; Which is most just screaming and yelling incoherently.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: When salami is on a team with the TLS team there is a 95% chance salami will enter Team Kill mindset and end up killing the whole team at once and he totally doesn’t mean to. Hello! I’m salamishaker or whitey I just like to chill most of the time and game or watch netflix with my wife cause she’s awesome. Not much more to me I play pretty much anything to at least give it a try because anything is worth trying at least once. Hope you enjoy our content we put out for you! Have a awesome day!